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Are Summer courses different from Fall or Spring courses?

MSC Online Learning offers the same courses year round with Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

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Who can enroll?

Any 7-12 grade student in the state of MN may register and enroll in the MSC Online Learning program. We offer rolling enrollment so students have flexible, individualized start dates for all curriculum areas, including career and technical education.

MSC Online is a part-time, non-diploma, supplemental program, so students remain enrolled in their own districts while taking courses with MSC Online. Districts may not deny part-time online registrations, but full-time online registrations will require district approval.


How do I know what courses to take?

Students do not need to take a Part A/Semester 1 course prior to taking a Part B/Semester 2 course with us if they had passed their classroom course. For example, if the student was able to successfully pass the first half classroom English during the school year, they could take the second part with us.

We have many students who complete a year-long, two part course over the summer.

Our summer semester is slightly less than the traditional 18 weeks, but we do offer 2-week extensions, when necessary, to help students that may need a little more time to be successful.

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Who pays for summer courses?

Summer registrations and tuition are usually the responsibility of the family.

With a self-paying registration, your student may register for as many courses as needed. Each of our semester long courses are .5 credits and are $450 (Part A = .5 credit, Part B = .5 credit).

If the course(s) are being paid by the family, a check/money order made out to “MSC Online Learning” should be sent to the following address. Once payment is received, the course will be opened for student access.

Northeast Service Cooperative
Attn: MSC Online Learning Program
5525 Emerald Avenue
Mtn. Iron, MN 55768


Do you offer credit recovery?

Our courses are not specified as a credit recovery course but can be taken to earn credit for a prior failed class. Each course/part is .5 credit. This applies to all courses offered by MSC Online.


How do I access the courses?

Our courses are delivered electronically and are available 24/7. Students can work ahead of any pacing schedule as the teachers keep pace with the student.


When are class times?

MSC Online Learning does not require any specific log-in class time hours. This allows flexibility for both the student and the instructor.

Any scheduled times to ‘meet’ with the instructor are left between the instructor and the student to arrange in a manner that works best between them (video chat, phone call, etc.).


How often do students need to sign in and work on assignments?

While there is flexibility in our program, it is important to work on a regular basis. Students can work at their own pace; however, that pace still means progress must be made in the course every week.


How do I register?

Registration is available on our website. If you can not find your school in our list, please contact us to get it added. We suggest working with your School Counselor to make sure any courses you register for are the credits that are needed. Click on our Course Title to get the syllabus, which can be compared against a school’s course, if needed.

Once courses are requested, a notification is sent to the school to verify information, as required by the MN Department of Education.

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MSC Online Learning Program

Northeast Service Cooperative
MSC Online Learning Program

5525 Emerald Avenue
Mt. Iron, MN 55768